30 years from now, all the offices will be vacant!

Don’t let your building sit vacant for another 40 years when you could monetize it with minimal effort.


“Empty Office floor will become Bluelofts live-work centers in Dallas tower.”

Marvin S.

So what are we looking for

Targeted Cities in North America:

A unique value proposition

Each Bluelofts location is uniquely designed for that location which makes the Bluelofts brand unique in its flexibility and approach to satisfying its clients, guests, and members.


This is the future; the direction the world is moving today is to travel light with the ability to conduct business no matter where you are.

Design & Branding:

With a wide range of accommodation options from big & very economical shared room up to standard suits with Various amenities


Through our ecosystem, we help remote workers to do what they want where they want

Adaptive Reuse:

We could convert vacant office floors & underutilized spaces into Bluelofts with reduced scope of work and timeframe.

We’r very flexible and believe that the best things life are unexpected. However, we have few requirments we cannot live without:


City Centers & Surroundings

Project Type

Conversion of Vacant Office floors, Underutilized Space, rebranding of mismanaged micro hotel properties.

Size & Ceiling Height

4,000-150,000 SF per Location, 9-14 SF Ceiling

Contract Type

Master Lease, JV, Acquisition, Management

Pacific Ave

Bluelofts Dallas Tx

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Domio Baronne St


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